Warranties for Added Peace of Mind in Edgewater and Surrounding Areas

Understanding Your Roof Warranty

Trying to understand how roofing warranties work can be confusing, especially because there are a lot of overlapping elements from the customer’s view. Let’s break it down.

Manufacturers typically guarantee their roofing materials with a warranty. However, if your roofing contractor fails to properly install the roof, you may end up with no warranty at all. Manufacturer warranties don’t extend to damages caused by improper installation.

Thunder Bay Roofing takes the confusion out of warranties. We make it easy to understand and adhere to the exact installation guidelines set by the manufacturer. Whether it’s craftsmanship or materials, Thunder Bay offers peace of mind that’s fully covered, always.

Not all products and warranties are created equal, so it’s important to gather some information before making an informed decision. Thunder Bay Roofing’s installation experts will help you choose the right product, with the right coverage to protect your home, offering three unique roofing systems to cater to your specific needs and wants.

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