Roofing Services in Columbia, MD

Complete Roofing Solutions for Columbia Property Owners

If you own property in Columbia, MD, you’re probably familiar with harsh winter weather conditions and know how crucial it is to have a reliable roofing company on your side. To keep your home, and any other property you own safe from the elements, Thunder Bay Roofing provides complete roofing solutions. 

Whether you require residential or commercial roofing, guttering, or exterior siding services, our team of experienced contractors is well-equipped to handle it all. We take pride in delivering top-quality services that not only ensure the safety of your property but also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Columbia Roofing Services Near You

At Thunder Bay Roofing, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our Columbia clients by offering a complete range of roofing solutions. Here are some of the solutions we provide:

Residential Roofing

Thunder Bay Roofing is here to meet all of your roofing needs, which is why we offer a range of residential roofing services, including:

Commercial Roofing

As a business owner, it’s crucial to have a sturdy and reliable roof over your commercial property. At Thunder Bay Roofing, we offer various commercial roofing services, including:

  • Roof repair and replacement for any material
  • TPO and EPDM roofing systems
  • Roof coatings and restorations
  • Emergency roof repair


Gutters are an essential part of any roofing system, and we offer a range of gutter services to ensure your home or business is protected. The gutter services at Thunder Bay Roofing include:

  • Gutter installation
  • Gutter repair
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter maintenance
  • Downspout installation and repair


Exterior siding not only adds aesthetic appeal to your property but also serves as a protective layer against harsh weather conditions. Thunder Bay Roofing offers top-quality exterior siding services for commercial and residential properties, including:

  • Installation of new siding
  • Replacement of damaged or worn-out siding
  • Repair of existing siding
  • Maintenance and cleaning of existing siding

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